Power Restored in Rochester After Vehicle Accidents Damage Utility Poles

Two separate incidents involving vehicles striking utility poles caused power outages affecting thousands of residents in Rochester, Minnesota, this week. Local utility companies worked diligently to restore power to the affected areas, with one incident occurring on Monday evening and the other on Wednesday morning. The swift response of the utility crews minimized the inconvenience experienced by residents during the outages.

Southeast Rochester Outage: Monday Evening Incident

On Monday evening at 7:47 p.m., a car struck a utility pole in southeast Rochester, causing a power outage that affected more than 2,200 residents. According to Rochester Public Utilities (RPU), the pole and overhead lines remained intact, but the guy wiring on the pole needed to be replaced to ensure the safe restoration of power in the area.

The Rochester Police Department blocked 18 Avenue Southwest from Ponderosa Drive Southwest to Westwood County Road Southwest during the repair process. RPU crews worked to replace the damaged guy wiring and restore power to the affected residents.

Power was successfully restored to the neighborhood, and the police department reopened the blocked roads once the repairs were completed. RPU reminded residents to report any future outages or suspicious activities around utility poles to ensure a prompt response.

Vehicle Hits Power Pole: Wednesday Morning Crash

In a separate incident on Wednesday morning, a vehicle hit a power pole on 75th Street NE, causing a power outage for 3,700 customers of People’s Energy Cooperative. Deputies from the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) responded to the crash around 5 a.m. and found the vehicle upside down in a ditch.

The driver, a 32-year-old man, was inside the vehicle with visible wounds to his right arm and head. He was removed from the vehicle and taken to Mayo Clinic Saint Marys for non-life-threatening injuries. The cause of the crash is currently under investigation.

Authorities urge drivers to exercise caution and maintain a safe speed, especially during early morning hours when visibility may be reduced. They also remind drivers to wear seat belts and avoid distractions while behind the wheel to minimize the risk of accidents.

People's Energy Cooperative's Swift Response

People’s Energy Cooperative crews quickly rerouted power from another source, and power was restored to all customers around 7:20 a.m. on Wednesday. However, crews are still working to fix the damaged pole, and officials said there might be a slight outage again during the repair process.

The swift response of the utility company’s crews minimized the duration of the power outage for the affected customers. People’s Energy Cooperative remains committed to providing reliable service to its customers and responding promptly to any incidents that may cause disruptions.

The company thanked its customers for their patience and understanding during the outage and assured them that crews will continue to work on repairing the damaged pole to ensure a stable power supply.

Safe Driving and Utility Company Preparedness

Both incidents is a reminder of the importance of safe driving practices and the quick response of local utility companies in restoring power to affected areas. Drivers should always remain cautious and alert while on the road to prevent accidents that can cause damage to infrastructure and disrupt essential services.

Rochester’s utility companies have demonstrated their readiness to handle such situations effectively, ensuring that residents experience minimal inconvenience during power outages. As crews continue to work on repairing the damaged utility poles, residents can rest assured that their power supply will remain stable.

By working together and remaining vigilant, the community can help prevent future accidents and minimize the impact of any incidents that may occur. Residents are encouraged to report any suspicious activities or potential hazards around utility infrastructure to their local utility companies or authorities.