Martha Holden Jennings Foundation Awards Over $470,000 in Grants to Support Ohio Education

The Martha Holden Jennings Foundation recently announced that its Board of Directors approved a total of $472,588 in grants to support public education in Ohio. The grants were approved on March 26, 2024, during the second of six granting cycles for the year. The majority of the funds, $459,084, were awarded to PK-12 public school districts and non-profit organizations that partner with these schools, while the remaining $13,504 was granted directly to individual Ohio educators through the Foundation’s Grants-to-Educators program.

Foundation Supports Innovative Projects in Ohio Schools

The Martha Holden Jennings Foundation, established in 1959, has a mission to develop young people to their maximum potential and encourage greater creativity in the teaching profession. The Foundation supports teachers and learners in Ohio’s PK-12 public schools by investing in projects designed to advance excellent teaching and deep learning.

Through its grants, the Foundation aims to make a positive impact on elementary and secondary education in the state. The Grants-to-Educators program encourages teachers and administrators to design innovative projects for their classrooms, schools, or districts, fostering creativity and excellence in education.

The Foundation’s Board of Directors carefully reviews grant applications and selects projects that align with its mission and have the potential to significantly enhance the learning experience for Ohio students.

Notable Grants Awarded in March 2024

Among the notable grants awarded in March 2024, VH1 Save the Music Foundation and Teach for America, Inc. each received $35,000 for their respective programs, Columbus Music Saves and targeted support of Ohio teachers. The ESC of the Western Reserve also received $35,000 for three signature tutoring programs.

Several grants focused on STEM education, highlighting the Foundation’s commitment to preparing students for future careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The University of Cincinnati Foundation received $25,000 for their GCSC Makers in Education Intensive program, while the Cleveland State University Foundation was awarded $25,000 for teacher licensure in computer science education.

These grants demonstrate the Foundation’s dedication to supporting a wide range of educational initiatives, from arts and music programs to STEM education and teacher professional development.

Grants-to-Educators Program Supports Individual Teachers

In addition to the grants awarded to school districts and non-profit organizations, the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation also supports individual educators through its Grants-to-Educators program. This program encourages public school teachers and administrators to design innovative projects for their classrooms, schools, or districts.

Some of the notable Grants-to-Educators awarded in March 2024 include $3,000 to Jennifer Buckler of Western Local Schools for a chick embryology project, $2,991 to Erin Courlas of Pickerington Local Schools for a literacy and justice project, and $3,000 to Michael Edom of Cleveland Metropolitan Schools for an Earth Day project.

These grants empower individual educators to bring creative and engaging learning experiences to their students, fostering a love for learning and preparing them for future success.

Foundation Continues Its Commitment to Ohio Education

The Martha Holden Jennings Foundation remains committed to supporting public education in Ohio by investing in innovative projects and initiatives that promote excellent teaching and deep learning. The Foundation’s website,, provides more information about its history and guidelines for grant applications.

As the Foundation continues its work, it will undoubtedly make a lasting impact on the lives of countless Ohio students and educators, helping to shape the future of education in the state.