Better Bound House and Arvin Jay Pasaporte The Authors of a Cinematic Scam

Arvin Jaye Pasaporte

Entities Involved In The Scam

How Does The Scam Work?

The mastermind of the scam is Arvin Jay Pasaporte, a resident of Cebu City in the Philippines. His most recent victim is Monty Ritchings, from Life Force Creative, who becomes the central figure in this deceptive narrative, embroiled in a scam orchestrated by a number of entities, most of them facades created by Arvin Pasaporte, including Greendot Films and Better Bound Entertainment.

This saga begins with Ritchings being lured by Greendot Films, under the pretense of offering a lucrative deal to adapt his book, “The Ascenders,” into a screenplay for a fraction of the cost quoted by another firm.

Seduced by the offer, Ritchings embarked on a journey fraught with disappointment and unmet promises, ultimately resulting in Ritchings being robbed of $10,000.

Ritchings' Ordeal

Ritchings’ engagement with The Greendot Films and Better Bound Entertainment outlines a classic bait-and-switch. Initially contacted with an offer too good to refuse, he found himself entrapped in a cycle of subpar deliverables and relentless demands for revisions. Despite a $10,000 investment for the screenplay and its promotion, the services rendered fell significantly short of expectations, leading to a profound sense of betrayal.

The screenplay, a critical component in bringing “The Ascenders” to cinematic life, became a source of contention. Dissatisfied with the initial draft and facing resistance from Better Bound regarding the narrative direction, Ritchings was plunged into a series of exhaustive revisions. This process was marred by a lack of communication, with Better Bound becoming increasingly elusive, culminating in a complete breakdown of dialogue since September.

The contractual agreement with Better Bound House, intended to safeguard Ritchings’ creative and financial investment, instead confirmed his worst fears. It promised comprehensive services—from screenplay development to handling buyout negotiations—yet delivered none. The contract’s assertion that the screenplay was an original creation of Better Bound House added insult to injury, highlighting a glaring discrepancy between promise and execution.

Arvin Jay Pasaporte's Latest Scam Ventures

Arvin Jay Pasaporte has since initiated new ventures aimed at exploiting writers, further demonstrating the persistent threat of these scams.

Pasaporte, previously implicated in the Better Bound House and The Greendot Films scam, has now launched two additional ventures, each crafted to ensnare authors in a mirage of false promises and financial pitfalls.

Digital Axis Media: Positioned as a bridge to the literary world, Digital Axis Media purports to offer a ‘Circle of Literary Agents’ campaign. This service claims to facilitate introductions between authors and a network of reputable literary agents and agencies, including outreach to the Association of American Literary Agents (AALA). Yet, the authenticity of these claims and the effectiveness of their outreach remain highly suspect, raising red flags for potential exploitation.

Paramount Book: Masquerading as a literary beacon within the vibrant New York City, Paramount Book presents itself as a literary agency committed to nurturing authors’ careers. However, its website, adorned with the covers of fictitious books, serves as a façade for its dubious operations. The contrast between its proclaimed mission and the reality of its practices starkly highlights its role in preying upon the aspirations of emerging authors.

Media Lexus: The latest entity linked to Pasaporte, Media Lexus, remains shrouded in mystery, lacking an online presence. This absence further contributes to the shadowy nature of Pasaporte’s operations, suggesting a pattern of creating ephemeral entities designed to evade scrutiny and accountability.

Don't Fall Victim To Arvin Jay Pasaporte

These developments underscore a continuing trend of exploitation within the literary and film industries. Pasaporte’s operations, characterized by grandiose promises and minimal transparency, exploit the dreams and ambitions of creatives. These schemes not only siphon financial resources but also erode trust within the creative community.

This story is a stark reminder of the predatory practices lurking in the shadows of the film and publishing industries. It underscores the importance of due diligence and the need for creatives to be wary of too-good-to-be-true offers.

Monty Ritchings’ unfortunate experience with Better Bound House and Better Bound Entertainment, along with the emergence of Digital Axis Media, Paramount Book, and Media Lexus, serve as cautionary tales. They highlight the need for vigilance and due diligence in the face of alluring offers. The creative journey, while filled with potential pitfalls, also offers paths to genuine success when navigated with care and informed caution.