Abnormal Security Expands AI-Based Protection and Launches AI Security Mailbox

Abnormal Security, a leader in AI-native human behavior security, has announced an expansion of its Account Takeover Protection product line to provide visibility into cross-platform user behavior. The company aims to centralize compromised account detection and remediation across identity, collaboration, and cloud infrastructure applications. In addition, Abnormal Security is launching AI Security Mailbox, an AI-powered coworker that promotes security awareness through real-time conversations between employees and an AI security analyst while automating the triage and remediation of user-reported emails.

Enhancing Visibility and Control with More Cloud Account Integrations

Recent research from Abnormal shows that nearly 70% of security leaders view cross-platform account takeover threats as their greatest concern, with 83% of organizations having been impacted by an account takeover in the last year. To protect against this threat, Abnormal now integrates with more cloud accounts, enabling the platform to analyze a greater volume of signals to understand human behavior better.

The company’s visibility and control features are now available in various applications, including email (Microsoft 365, Google Workspace), identity (Azure Active Directory, Okta, Ping), SaaS/collaboration (Atlassian, Box, DocuSign, Dropbox, Google Drive, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Slack, Workday, Zendesk, Zoom), and cloud infrastructure (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform).

Customers can integrate their cloud applications directly via API to the Abnormal AI platform in under five minutes and at no cost. SOC teams are provided with a consolidated view of all account activity within each connected platform, and administrators can remediate compromised accounts with a one-click “Identity Disconnect” button.

Expanding Account Takeover Protection to Cloud Applications

Abnormal is expanding its Account Takeover Protection product line beyond email, allowing customers to automatically detect and remediate compromised accounts through the power of AI. The Abnormal AI platform ingests a large set of signals to build a behavioral baseline for each user across all integrated applications.

Autonomous AI models then analyze risky events based on deviations from this baseline, correlated across other platforms accessed by that user. High-risk compromised account detections are automatically remediated, adding superhuman capabilities to the SOC team and providing automated cross-platform security for organizations.

General availability for unified Account Takeover Protection will be announced later this year, and Abnormal will provide this cross-platform capability across other product lines. In 2025, customers can expect an expansion of Security Posture Management, enabling them to discover and fix key security configuration risks across multiple cloud platforms.

AI Security Mailbox: An AI Coworker for Every Security Team

Abnormal Security is launching AI Security Mailbox, an AI coworker for every security team. When an employee reports an attack, the Abnormal platform will serve as their personal AI cyber assistant by providing a personalized response explaining if the email was deemed malicious, safe, or spam and how a determination was made.

Users can converse directly with the AI security analyst, which provides real-time feedback and teaches them better security practices. AI Security Mailbox comes pre-trained with enterprise security best practices tailored for each customer environment. Organizations can customize the conversational AI agent by giving it a name and choosing its tone of voice.

Advancing AI Initiatives in Cybersecurity

Evan Reiser, CEO of Abnormal Security, stated that the company’s focus on AI expands far beyond its own platform as they seek to help customers further their own AI initiatives. As leaders in AI, Abnormal Security has a distinct opportunity to empower customers to advance their AI innovation roadmaps and help them cultivate their internal brand as AI leaders through effective and highly-visible AI deployments.

These new developments aim to enhance Abnormal’s ability to protect users across platforms, and the company’s focus on AI will continue to fortify and innovate its security products. The expanded Account Takeover Protection and the launch of AI Security Mailbox demonstrate Abnormal Security’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge AI solutions to its global customers.